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new release 1.0.19

Waldemar Brodkorb
Hi Embedded-Linux-Hackers,

this release is mostly bug fixing and regression fixes from the
single-libc patch.

Next release will separate the testsuite to its own project.

Thanks for testing and bug reports,


John Ata (1):
      Fix nftw when called with FTW_CHDIR and FTW_DEPTH

Vineet Gupta (4):
      ARC: nptl: cancellable wrappers were broken
      ARC: nptl: cancellable wrappers were broken #2
      ARC: update .note.ABI-tag for ABIv4
      ARC: build: don't force usage of llock and swape instructions

Waldemar Brodkorb (14):
      locale: remove building for the host, as it breaks
      ubacktrace/uargp: remove unneeded and false linker scripts
      remove linux kernel 2.4 modules support
      cleanup ppc port
      test: fix tests including non-wrapper libgcc exception handling code
      cleanup libc.a
      ppc: do not include copysgnl.c if UCLIBC_HAS_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH enabled
      fix mips/mips64 build for old compilers
      cleanup and fix static linking issues
      linuxthreads: allow to choose on all supported architectures
      create empty static files conditionally
      test: add nftw test case
      test: add a simple check, that -std=c99 working
      bump for release

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